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| PHOENIX collection _ 2020 | SPORT FASHION HOUSE BIGSER | 3 7 Thermoplastic toe cap Additional protection for the toes, during heavy movements and sports. Fixing foot a special shoe frame sets the correct position of the foot and provides resistance to kinks and twisting. Soft pad protection of the foot from overheating. Maintaining a temperature balance of 21-25 degrees. BOTTOM MATERIALS Midsole - The sneakers use EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) - a foammaterial responsible for shock loading, it determines softness, stability and position control. Medial Post - these are special ribs on the side of the sole, they indicate greater density in their place and are responsible for pronation. Outsole - the protector that touches the ground. The sneaker uses a combination hard carbon rubber and , blown rubber to be durability for flexibility and shock absorption. Shank - is an auxiliary structure made of silver thermoplastic, which is integrated between the insole and the sole of the shoe. The work of the frame is to provide rigidity, which allows you to determine the location of the foot and provide resistance to kinks or torsion. TOP MATERIALS Main and applied parts - ECO-leather provides easy care, softness and increased wear resistance. Insertable molded footbed - perforated EVA + textile supports the arch of the foot and promotes forced ventilation. Interior details - textile, provides temperature balance and comfort throughout the day.